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Butch Hiles BJJ and MMA is our parent school and has been teaching Martial arts since the dawn of the UFC. It is the source for combative arts in West Virginia, and has affiliations across the country. The Butch Hiles team is instrumental in readying individuals for combat, a mecca for fitness and health, and a supportive environment that keeps you coming back. 


Since the fall of 2018, Star Brick BJJ has assisted with training with the OU MMA Club. We have had the opportunity to watch members of the club grow as martial artist and obtain competitive success while gaining the education needed to be the leaders of tomorrow.

More of the Butch Hiles Combat Sports Family

Man, WV

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Parkersburg, WV

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Bluefield, WV

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Moundsville, WV


Weirton, WV

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Las Vegas, NV


Williamsburg, VA

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