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Bobcat MMA Coaches

Jiu Jitsu
Garry Hashman

Garry Hashman has trained and competed in BJJ since 2012. A Black belt  under Butch Hiles, he has many championships in the midwest under multiple promotions including WVGO, AGC, NAGA, EGO, Newbreed, Grappling Industries, and more. Though he is a proven fierce competitor, he shines as an instructor. His ability to convey information makes understanding Jiu Jitsu at all levels easy and inviting. For Garry, teaching is about only one thing; sharing his love of Jiu Jitsu. Combined with his BJJ skills is over 2 decades of working with youth and individuals with varied abilities. 

Steve "Ice Man" Fortner

Garry's first purple belt and the coolest cucumber on the mat, Steve has amazingly clean technique and an unmatched love of BJJ. His love for Jiu Jitsu is shown in his ability on the mat in both skill and teaching.



Seth Jones

Grandson of the legendary Sam Jones of Sam's Gym in Glouster, Ohio, Seth is bringing a lifetime of striking knowledge with him to our academy. His experience growing up in and around the ring not only gave him the knowledge of the fight game, but watching those great coaches gave him the ability to gift that knowledge to others. His time spent training, competing, and cornering make him one of the greatest assets an MMA gym can have, and we have him!

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